Sunday, June 11, 2017

New App for Ipad and Android that we love - great for young kids

認字詩詞 is a Chinese only app using bopomofo. It teaches writing stroke order, some essential characters and has the bopomofo with audio. There are many apps out there and most are not very good. This is an exception but it is made for native speakers so it takes some work to get setup and work through.  Here is the connection for the Itunes store. It is also on the Google Play store. Links are provided below.

It takes some work to get setup. Although it is a free download, you will need to purchase the "stories" to go beyond lesson 1.

Prior to that, you will have to set up users. I believe you can set up multiple users and it will track their progress. Then click on the button below the selected name to start 開始.

Click on the first picture in the upper left conder with a house and a map. You will have access to only the first story unless you purchase more. Just start with the first which is My Family. Click on the first word 我 then it will read the word to you (bopomofo below) and show you stroke order, click on the pencil and you can trace the word.

The next screen asks the user to match the characters to the correct place in a sentence.  With 我 there is only one word so you grab with a finger and drag the word. Click on the star to proceed with the next character.

Back at the main menu the second choice on the top row is a puzzle game with 2 ways to play. The book give you a story that you click through with the arrows at the bottom of the screen. The diamond lets you drag the correct character to the place in the sentence. A 3rd function in this section is to see how to write the characters. Just click on any of them to get back to the stroke order page.

The bottom left corner tracks the user's progress showing when they started, how long he/she worked on a lesson and how many characters successfully learned. The right side fills in the characters with colors if they have been learned and you can scroll down the complete list of stories to see progress.

The bottom right is an explanation of the program in Chinese and an opportunity to purchase further products.

There is a parental control feature that asks you to type in 3 separate number so if you see 四十三 the answer is 4 10 3 not 43. You will be asked for this prior to purchasing anything.