Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why authentic content is best at any level

We just started a thread where our recommended products are all "made for native speakers."  Well, sort of.  They are dubbed versions of children's programs (cartoons and live action) designed for the very young. 

This has advantages - first the content is suitable for children - no bad words and no inappropriate content.  Second, the language level is rather basic and simplistic.  The videos we will recommend feature simple sentence structures in short narratives (approximately 5 minutes in length).  Although you may like to watch movies, will a full length feature film really provide the repetition and appropriate language level for a beginning student?

Here is an excellent article about why authentic content is best.

If you have any doubts after reading it, rest assured, it is the latest trend in language teaching.  The IPA or Integrated Performance Assessment technique is specifically designed to utilize content for native speakers in language learning classrooms.  Teachers trained in the IPA technique can open up a whole new world of relevant content.  You can learn more at ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching for Foreign Languages)  Ask your language teacher if he/she is trained in IPA.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. I think most school has already adapt on using this authentic content concept?

    Great write up and the teacher seems to be greatly qualified too.